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There are some things which I never eat apart from on the allocated day (excluding Easter eggs). Even if they are really simple, quick and yummy, pancakes being a prime example, it just feels out of place to eat them on any other day of the year. This probably is what makes them so special.


Normally, I have an inkling when pancake day is but this year it came as a complete surprise when I was flicking through my diary trying to figure out what I should make next.


I never realized how versatile pancakes were until I tasted a savoury one in Holland. It was one of those things which had never occurred to me. I honestly couldn’t imagine them being any good without being drizzled in lemon then covered in sugar.


However, a bit of grated cheese and chopped up tomato and they make a lovely dinner.


Hopefully next year I will have invested in the right equipment to make poffitures. Also tasted (then devoured in a wonderful little pancake house in Holland) they are like mini pancakes but thicker which are then dusted in icing sugar then eaten with butter. At first I was hesitant to try them (I don’t know why becasue I love butter) but they are soooooo delicious.


There are so many toppings that there’s something for everything. The weirdest topping I’ve heard this year is jam. I prefer the classic lemon (or orange, whatever citrus fruit floats your boat) with sugar and I’m also dying to try pancakes with Nutella!


Little Elf loves to make pancakes, however she never makes enough!



100g plain flour
2 eggs
300ml milk
A little bit of butter
Recipe (BBC Good Food)… makes 8

Whisk the eggs and milk together then sieve in the flour a little bit at a time so the mixture is smooth (you don’t want a lumpy pancake mix!). Get your frying pan (a non-stick one really helps the process and avoids any pancake disasters). Put a little bit of butter and wait until it melts. Ladel a small amount of mixture into the frying pan and jiggle it  around so it coats the whole surface. Wait about 30 seconds then try and flip your pancake! It may take a while to get the perfect pancake flip, but the higher you get it the more impressive! You know when the pancake is done as it will be browned equally on both sides.


What’s your favourite topping?