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The snow has finally gone! Hopefully this means spring is on it’s way. To celebrate I thought I’d make some bread as the sun was shining and the smell of freshly baked bread filling the kitchen just seemed appropriate.


If you’ve never made bread before you should as it’s surprisingly simple and there aren’t many ingredients you knead (see what I did there!).


Kneading the bread is really therapeutic and relaxing. Make sure you really get stuck in and don’t be afraid to get your hands doughy.


Even in the beginning stages the smell is just so cosy and homely. I think it’s because of the stronger flour which is used in bread baking.


And, I know this is cliched, but the smell which fills the kitchen is just mouth watering.


Eat straight out of the oven with butter, cheese and fresh tomatoes. The butter and cheese melt straight away and it just one of those small pleasures of life!


The inside is soft and light which contrasts with the crisp crust. There is a faint taste of olive oil which is delicious.


Each one comes out an individual shape!



500g strong white flour
2tsp salt
7g fast action yeast
3tbsp olive oil
300ml lukewarm water 
Recipe (Good Food)… makes 10 rolls/ 1 loaf

Sift the flour into a bowl with the salt on one side and the yeast on another. Make a well in the middle and pour in the water and olive oil. Using your hands mix everything together then start to knead in the bowl until a ball is formed. Flour your work surface and knead the dough, pushing it away from you then bringing it back, for about 10-15 minutes. Pour about 1 1/2tsp of olive oil into a bowl and spread it around the edges. Put the dough in the middle, place a tea towel over the top and put in a cool, dry place.

One hour later take it out a knead for about 3 minutes. Then, place back in the bowl with the tea towel over the top and leave to rise for another hour in a cool, dry place. After this final rising, knead for 2-3 minutes then flour your hands (to stop the dough sticking from your hands). Break into 12 pieces and roll into a ball. Put in the oven for 25 minutes or they rolls are golden brown all over. Take out of the oven and EAT!


Try sprinkling poppy seeds or sunflower seed for extra flavour and crunch.